The EPG Board of Education held it's monthly meeting on December 18th. The meeting was preceded by three public hearings. You can find the official minutes under the "Board of Education" heading at the top of this webpage. For an unofficial summary of what was discussed and decided, please click "Read More" below. 


El Paso Gridley CUSD #11

Board of Education Report
December 18, 2017
December Board Meeting
Centennial School Library

Visitors Present - 4

Public Hearings

The following hearings were held to share information and allow public input on three topics prior to Board discussion and action in the regular meeting. The topics have each been discussed at previous meetings. There was an informational presentation, opportunity for public comment, and Board discussion on each of the three topics:

  • 6:00 pm - Truth in Taxation: Tax Levy

  • 6:20 pm - Legislative Waiver: Administrative Costs

  • 6:30 pm - Legislative Waiver: NonResident Full-Time Employee Tuition

Board Meeting Discussions

  • IDOT Inspection: Mrs. Woggon and the Transportation Department received some unannounced inspectors from IDOT recently. After a thorough review of the transportation fleet, there were only a couple very minor items noted. No one likes surprise inspection, but the Board acknowledged the work Mrs. Woggon and her team have done in keeping the bus fleet running, and caring for our students each morning and afternoon.

  • EPG HS Course Addition/Revision for Science: The Board approved a course revision and a course addition for the 2018-19 school year. They are:

    • Plant and Animal Science: Two semester classes have been combined into one year-long course that will build on the skills that overlap between both classes.

    • Forensics Chemistry: This will be a dual-credit science class designed to attract students who would like to obtain college credit for a science elective, but may not plan to seek a science-specific degree.

  • Tentative Tax Levy: Each year the Board of Education must adopt a tentative tax levy. County Assessors estimate an increase in EAV of 3.5% in the district. The 2016 EAV was $163,971,884. The estimated EAV for 2017 is 169,716,658. In order to maintain a level tax rate, the district will levy $8,494,361 for FY17. A public hearing was held where the process, rationale, and impact of the Tax Levy were presented. The Board began with a goal of maintaining a level tax rate, and developed a levy that accomplished that based on the assumed EAV.

  • Administrative Cost Accounting Change: The formal process to make this accounting change includes setting a waiver hearing, then approving a resolution to improve the clarity of how administrative costs are allocated. That took place today in order to make some changes regarding the line item district administrative costs are paid from. The change is only an accounting change, but it allows expenditures to be reported in a more transparent fashion.

  • Non-Resident Employee Tuition Waiver & Hearing: For the third consecutive month, the Board of Education discussed the potential to allow non-resident full-time employees to bring their children to attend EPG by having the regular tuition amount waived. Mr. Kurz cited several reasons he recommends the waiver request:

    • Employees may have less hectic and more manageable personal/family schedules when their children attend the same school as parents.

    • Employees have taken positions in other districts because the EPG school schedule conflicts with the school where their children attend. This benefit may lead to retaining quality teachers in a time when there is a drastic shortage of licensed teachers.

    • Employees who are also parents often times have a more nuanced perspective on the student learning experience.

    • Employees who are a part of a district that is also educating their children naturally are more invested and connected to the community through relationships with their children’s friends and social activities.

    • Employees who choose to have their children attend EPG schools over where they reside communicate to surrounding communities how highly they value the learning opportunities we have in our district.

      Students would be counted in enrollment which would factor into receiving state aid. The Board discussed allowing the option to all full-time employees (37.5 or more hours per week). The Board did learn that IESA and IHSA will only allow faculty (teachers and administrators) members’ children who do not pay tuition to participate in interscholastic sports. It was also reported that the tuition waiver would be a taxable benefit and that the process to allow students to enroll would need to ensure that information is clearly communicated. 

  • Workman’s Compensation Insurance Renewal: The bid renewal came in at a 4% decrease for the 2018-19 school year.

Consent and Action Items

  • Approved past open and closed meeting minutes.

  • Approved financial reports and bills.

  • Approved the following personnel items:

    • Jack Icenogle, JP Custodian (resignation)

    • Emily Jenkins, Sheila Mool, Jennifer Whitcomb, and Morgan Ferrenburg as Volunteer Helpers for JH Girls Volleyball for 2017-18.

    • Jennifer Page, Leave Request

    • Jennifer Evans, Leave Request

  • Approved release of surplus items.

  • Approved EPG HS Course Addition & Revision for Science.

  • Approved IMRF Early Retirement Incentive between January 1, 2018 and January 1, 2019.

  • Approved Tax Levy for 2017.

  • Approved Waiver Request for Administrative Costs.

  • Approved Waiver Request for NonResident Full-Time Employee Tuition.

  • Approved Workman’s Compensation Insurance Renewal.

The next meeting of the Board of Education will be Monday, January 22nd in the Centennial School Library.


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