The EPG Board of Education held it's monthly meeting on December 18th. The meeting was preceded by three public hearings. You can find the official minutes under the "Board of Education" heading at the top of this webpage. For an unofficial summary of what was discussed and decided, please click "Read More" below. 


El Paso Gridley CUSD #11

Board of Education Report
December 18, 2017
December Board Meeting
Centennial School Library

Visitors Present - 4

Public Hearings

The following hearings were held to share information and allow public input on three topics prior to Board discussion and action in the regular meeting. The topics have each been discussed at previous meetings. There was an informational presentation, opportunity for public comment, and Board discussion on each of the three topics:

Board Meeting Discussions

Consent and Action Items

The next meeting of the Board of Education will be Monday, January 22nd in the Centennial School Library.