The February Board Meeting was held last night. The formal minutes will be posted once they are reviewed and approved, but you can check out a summary of the meeting here. Just click below to read more. 

El Paso Gridley CUSD #11

Board of Education Report
February 26, 2018
Regular Board Meeting
Centennial School Library 

Visitors Present - 4

Reports, Updates, and Informational Items

  • Parent Roundtable Events: EPG will be hosting two events on March 12th and 13th designed to improve communication between schools and parents. The roundtable discussions touch on similar content, but each is designed for parents of different age groups. Parents would benefit by attending both if they are interested. The first will be Monday, March 12th from 6-7pm at Jefferson Park to provide information and foster discussion related to parents of elementary students. The second night will be at EPG HS at a session designed for parents of junior high and high school students to share ideas and learn from one another. It will be Tuesday, March 13th from 6-7pm.  

  • Paid Lunch Equity: The National School Lunch Program provides some funding for food service in addition to collected lunch fees. Based on their criteria, we will need to raise prices for the 2018-19 school year. Specific information about what is required will come later this spring when the analysis tool is made available to districts.

  • E-Rate Project: The district has put out to bid a project that would be eligible for E-Rate funding through the federal government. This would reimburse the district for approximately 70% of the cost of upgrading the district’s wireless network. The Board will review specific options at the March board meeting to determine if the district should move forward with one of the proposals.

Board Meeting Discussions

  • Food Bids: The Board needs to put bids out each year for portions of the food service (milk, eggs, etc.). This discussion is a formality prior to the action taken at the end of the meeting.

  • Mowing Bids: The Board is pleased with the current mowing services. The Board discussed the value in putting services out for bid periodically, but that it is not necessary every year if service and price are agreeable. The Board discussed continuing for another year with the current lawn service.

  • School Calendar for 2018-19: The Board looked at a draft of the school calendar that has students beginning classes on Monday, August 20th. The teachers’ association is reviewing the calendar to provide feedback and a final recommendation will come before the Board in March.

  • Board Goal Setting: The administrative team will review the drafts of goals initiated at the Board’s work session in early February. The Board will hold a special meeting to follow up on the goal discussion at 6pm on March 19th. That meeting will be a committee of the whole and will conclude prior to the regularly scheduled Board meeting at 7pm.

  • Photography Contract: The Board discussed renewing the current photography contract. They also considered putting the item out for bid since it has not been open to competing groups for several years. Administrators expressed concern about larger school photography companies based on past experiences with inflexible schedules. The Board will consider options at the March board meeting.

Consent and Action Items

  • Approved past open and closed meeting minutes.

  • Approved financial reports and bills.

  • Approved the following personnel items:

    • Joe Adams, JP Custodian

    • Amy Lohr, JH Custodian

    • Jeannie SantAmour and Gustav Johnson, JH Track Volunteers

    • Jim Bagnell, Mel Grace, and Taylor Umland, HS Bass Fishing Volunteers

    • Tanner Benedict, Ken Colmone, and Jared Souhrada, HS Baseball Volunteers

    • Katelyn Cook, Elizabeth Graber, and Denny Ortinau, HS Softball Volunteers

    • Alex DePauw and Dennis Ludwig, HS Track Volunteers

    • Katie Nelson, Assistant (resignation)

    • JoEllen Skolek, Parent Coordinator (retirement after 2017-18 school year)

  • Approved seeking food bids.

The next meeting of the Board of Education will be Monday, March 19th in the Centennial School Library. A discussion on Board Goals will be at 6pm. The regular meeting will follow at 7pm.


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