The Board of Education held it's March meeting on the 19th. Here's my summary and a list of actions. 

El Paso Gridley CUSD #11

Board of Education Report
March 19, 2018
Regular Board Meeting
Centennial School Library 

Visitors Present - 6

Reports, Updates, and Informational Items

  • Parent Roundtable Events: The admin team acknowledged the hard work of many staff members who organized the two Parent Roundtable Events. Both events were well attended. Administrators shared there was a great turnout of engaged parents and staff to make the event successful.

  • Benefits Committee: The following employees have spent time each month serving as a part of the Benefits Committee throughout this year. The Board acknowledged the following people for partnering with Board Members Jeremy and Ed Faulk monthly throughout this school year: Carrie Woggon, Heather Fey, Sara Van Scyoc, Jenny Evans, Stephanie Hiles, Kelly Throneburg, Susan Stella, and Brian Quam. The Board will consider a proposal for a Health Insurance Plan Design at the April Board Meeting.

  • Financial Update: The Board heard a report on the current status of the FY18 budget. The district is approximately 75% of the way through the year. At this point in time, 74% of budget expenditures have been spent and 80% of budgeted revenues have been received. Mr. Kurz reported that his current projections have the district receiving about $50,000 less revenue than originally budgeted, and spending about $100,000 less than was budgeted.

Board Meeting Discussions

  • Food Bids: EPG is required to put its food service out for bid every five years. The contract with Arbor is expiring at the end of this school year. The next Invitation for Bid has been sent out. Anyone who would like to inquire about the parameters can contact the district office. The following dates are a part of the timeline in this process:

    • 4/10/2018 @ 2pm - Food Service Pre Bid Conference

    • 4/12/2018 @ 2pm - Food Service Bid Question Submission Deadline

    • 4/30/2018 @ 2pm - Food Service Bid Opening

    • 5/21/2018 @ 7pm - Board Meeting to Formally Approve Bid

  • Board Goals: The Board of Education spent about an hour following up on the work of establishing district goals. They have established 5 areas of focus, which are:

    • Student Achievement

    • District Finance

    • District Facilities

    • Community/District Relations

    • Culture

They will continue working on the goals and subgoals. Each individual school will work on ways to address the Board Goals in their School Improvement Plans.

  • First Reading of Policies: The Policy Committee reviewed several recommended policies and brought those to the Board. The policies discussed are generally wording changes and legal updates that do not have any significant changes in day-to-day operations. The Board will review the policy updates at the next meeting before taking action. If anyone would like to see those policies being considered, they can stop by the district office.

  • E-Rate Bids: The Board discussed the bids to provide Internet for the 2018-21 school years. The Board also discussed bids to upgrade aspects of the wireless network throughout the district. The district is able to file for federal E-Rate dollars which reimburse EPG for 70% of the cost of the projects.

  • School Calendar for 2018-19: The Board heard feedback that was provided by the Association. There were no changes to the initial proposal.

Consent and Action Items

  • Approved past open and closed meeting minutes

  • Approved financial reports and bills

  • Approved Renewing Membership in IHSA for 2018-19

  • Approved Renewing Membership in IESA for 2018-19

  • Approved the following personnel:

    • Julia Harcharik, 3rd Grade Teacher

    • Mel Ekey, 5th Grade Teacher

    • Katelyn Cook and Elizabeth Graber, HS Softball Assistant Coaches (shared)

    • Alex DePauw, As Warranted HS Track Coach

    • Stuart Hoselton, Todd VanHoveln, John Landrus, Levi Umland, Jake Hoselton, Cory Bohlman, Kyle Colmone, Ken Colmone, Fred Quam, Greg Umland, Gary Gundy, Sawyer VanHoveln, Brent Henkel, Mike Krug, and Dave Reinkensmeyer, HS Bass Fishing Volunteers

    • Approved hiring 10 summer workers

    • Lauren McAnally, JH Math Teacher (resignation)

    • Susan Stella, EPG Bookkeeper (retirement)

    • LaRae North, Teaching Aide (retirement)

    • Dan Erwin, JH Softball Coach (resignation)

    • Sheila Mool, HS Football Cheerleading Coach (resignation)

  • Approved 2018-19 School Calendar

  • Approved contract for Photography by Curt

  • Approved contract for Bushue Human Resources

  • Approved contract for CIRBN to provide Internet service with E-Rate reimbursement

  • Delegated authority to Finance Committee to approve the contract for wireless network upgrades with E-Rate reimbursement


The next meeting of the Board of Education will be April 23rd at 7pm in the Centennial School Library.


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