The EPG #11 Board of Education held it's regular monthly meeting on May 21, 2018. You can read more about it here. 

Visitors Present - 5

Reports, Updates, and Informational Items

  • Technology Improvements: EPGHS has been transitioning from an iPad 1:1 environment to a Chromebook environment over the past two years. The district is going to speed up the process for the 2018-19 school year. All EPGHS students will receive Chromebooks as their 1:1 device in the fall. The primary reasons for making the change a year early are the age of the iPads and improved Internet security available on Chromebooks.

  • E-Rate: The Board learned their full proposal to receive 70% reimbursement for a wireless network upgrade was approved. The upgrade is expected take place by January 2019.

  • PreK Grant: The Illinois State Board of Education has indicated that it will not know what schools will receive PreK grant funding for next year until sometime in the fall. That means school will most likely begin prior to learning if any state funding will be received. The grant funding is in uncertain, but the Board of Education has committed to funding the PreK program out of local dollars if the grant funding is not received. This news puts revenue projections in question, but it will not interrupt service to EPG PreK students.

Board Meeting Discussions

  • Food Bids: EPG is required to put its food service out for bid every five years. Arbor Inc. has been the approved vendor for the past 5 years. Two competitive bids were received, and Arbor Inc. won the bid for the 2018-19 school year. The one-year agreement can be renewed up to four times with mutual agreement by EPG and Arbor Inc.

  • Lunch Prices: The Board of Education has been directed by the Illinois State Board of Education that it requires the district to raise lunch prices. The Board discussed the fact that the EPG lunch program is not running a deficit, therefore there is some hesitancy to increase prices. The district has provided financial information to ISBE to verify the profitability of the current lunch program. The Board discussed alternative options to explore prior to raising lunch prices.

  • Medicaid Billing Contract: The Board discussed changing the Medicaid Billing Vendor. The suggestion was to move from GoSolutions to PowerDS. The new system will integrate with Special Education software. It will also cost less than the previous vendor.

Consent and Action Items

  • Approved past open and closed meeting minutes

  • Approved financial reports and bills

  • Approved the following personnel:

    • Brooke Hinds, JP Teacher Assistant (Hire)

    • Hillary Rigsby, JP Teacher Assistant (Hire)

    • Jessi Sinn, EPG Bookkeeper (Hire)

    • Sheila Watkins, CT Teacher Assistant (Hire)

    • Kaylene Butikofer, Office Assistant (Resignation)

    • Rebecca Gruen, Office Assistant (Resignation)

    • Garrick Haywood, SPED Teacher (Resignation)

    • Amy Lohr, Custodian (Resignation)

    • McKinsey Furrow, SPED Teacher (Leave of Absence)

  • Approved Schoolwide Title I Waivers for 2018-19

  • Approved Arbor, Inc. as Food Vendor for 2018-19

  • Approved no change in Lunch Prices for 2018-19

  • Approved PowerDS as Medicaid Vendor for 2018-19

The next meeting of the Board of Education will be June 25th at 6pm in the EPG JH Library.


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