A new school year always brings great energy and activity and 2014-2015 is no different! At the regular September meeting the EPG Board of Education approved the implementation of the School Guard program. School Guard is an emergency alert app that creates a direct link between school staff and area law enforcement during a school emergency.  The alert goes out to law enforcement whether on or off duty and in multiple jurisdictions.  It provides critical basic information to all responders and aids in a quicker response time during an emergency. El Paso resident, City Council member and State Trooper JW Price along with McLean County Sheriff’s Deputy, Hadley Welch, are leading an effort to raise the funds needed to implement the program. Both men are ardent supporters of the program noting that the notification can cut precious minutes off of police response time. A bank account has been established at Heartland Bank for anyone wishing to donate toward the $10,000 initial set-up cost and service fee.  The account is titled “EPG School Guard” if you would like to make a donation.

We are continuing our work to develop standards-aligned, vertically articulated K-12, curriculum. Although much maligned by pundits and politicians, the New Illinois Standards represent a shift in focus toward greater depth of critical thinking and analysis than was required by previous state standards. The adoption, by states, of a common set of “portable” standards was brought about to help ensure that student learning is focused on similar concepts and skills regardless of geography.  Our district committee, consisting of teachers and administration, determines local curriculum content. We will determine not only the method of instructional delivery, but also the content and resources used for instruction. The standards represent desired skills while the content represents information deemed critical by EPG. The New Illinois Standards do not represent everything a student should learn, nor are they perfect. As we progress we will continue to evaluate and improve our curriculum and instruction to meet the changing needs of current and future learners.

I would like to remind every one that the high school track is available to runners and walkers whenever it is not in use by students. There are a few very simple rules to follow for track use: no skateboards, bicycles, roller blades, or strollers are permitted on the track. We ask that walkers use lanes 7&8 and runners use lanes 5&6. Please help us prolong the life of the track so that it can be used for years to come!

As always, please feel free to contact us at 309-527-4410 or by email (contact information can be found at unit11.org) with any questions, comments, or suggestions


Michael Lindy, Superintendent


Dear EPG Families,

As you probably know, the building referendum did not pass. The voters of the community have spoken and I have the deepest respect for our electoral process. I respect all of those that got out to vote and participate in one of our most emblematic civic responsibilities. I also want to express my most sincere and heartfelt thanks to the members of the Facilitation and Referendum Committees for their tireless work on behalf of our students. These committees were made up of staff and community members who sacrificed their time for the benefit of all.

"What now?" is a logical question. We will take time and assess our options. Since this process began three years ago, the district has continued to invest in our facilities by addressing the required work from the Health Life/Safety Survey. That work has been ongoing throughout this process, and we will continue to address the highest priority items and immediate needs.

We face many known and unknown challenges as we move forward with our mission to serve children. We will meet the curricular, instructional, and financial challenges successfully by working together, combining the strength of our collective knowledge and experience to find solutions in an ever changing paradigm.

Michael Lindy, Superintendent

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