This past Tuesday EPG residents went to the ballot to vote for 4 open seats on the Board of Education. In addition to those four seats, Josh Uphoff has decided to step down from the Board of Education. This creates a 5th vacancy (which would be a 2-year term). We certainly want to thank Dave Mool, Jeremy Faulk, Ed Faulk, and Josh Uphoff for their service on the Board. We will recognize them at the start of our April 29th meeting of the Board of Education. The election set up to have 5 candidates running for 4 open seats. Now that there is a 5th vacancy, the most natural thing is to go ahead and fill it with the 5th candidate. The Board will formally do that at the April meeting. Congratulations to Randy Barth (incumbent), Seth Campbell, Bob Wettstein, and Sean Cornell who have unofficially been elected to 4-year terms for vacant seats. Congratulations to Brad Griffin who will be appointed to finish out the 2-year term made open by resignation. Since the election will not be formally canvased until April 16th, the Regular April Board Meeting will be held on April 29th at 7:00 p.m. in the Centennial Library. 


If you'd like to see my update on the March 2019 Board Meeting, clic "read more". 

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