The EPG Board of Education held it's monthly meeting on December 18th. The meeting was preceded by three public hearings. You can find the official minutes under the "Board of Education" heading at the top of this webpage. For an unofficial summary of what was discussed and decided, please click "Read More" below. 

Read more: Board Report: December 18, 2017

New legislation requires all schools serving K-5 students to test each water faucet for lead. A letter was sent out via email today to parents who have children at Jefferson Park, Centennial, and the Junior High. You can read the letter in full by clicking on "Read More" below. The short version is that we found some traces of lead at Centennial and in the 5th/6th-grade building, but nothing major. We are taking precautions to address even places where there were minor findings. 

Read more: Lead Testing Requirements

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