Prior to our December Board meeting, we will have 3 public hearing meetings. They will be at 6pm, 6:20pm, and 6:40pm on December 18th in the Centennial Library. The formal hearing notices are posted below. I wanted to also share a little more information about what a hearing is, and each one in particular. Formal processes like these can seem strange - and often require awkward wording. My intent is to translate some of the legalese - and be open about what the hearings are all about. If you're interested, read below. And if you want to see the official public notices, click below and scroll down. You can see the official agendas by clicking here.

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The November Board meeting was held on 11/20. You can reference the official minutes once they are approved if you are interested in the formal report of the meeting. I provide a more thorough summary to staff that includes not only action taken, but also a summary of the primary discussions from the meeting. If you are interested, you may click below to see that Board Report.  

Read more: Board Report: November 20, 2017

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