Books for New & Experienced Teachers

The First Days of School  (Wong & Wong) - This is a classic resource for first year teachers.

What Great Teachers Do Differently (Whitaker) - Todd Whitaker discusses the specifics that separate the great teachers from those that are not.

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A school district’s curriculum is more than just a list of skills and concepts students are expected to master at the given level. The curriculum represents the district’s core values, as teams of teachers determine what elements to include in the curriculum and to what degree of emphasis. As a district, we are continually refining our practices in the classroom to provide quality instruction that results in increased student learning as measured by aligned assessments.

Teachers across the district are currently in the second year of a three year curriculum writing process.  Curriculum writing is a process that is completed with teachers... not to teachers. It is for this reason that many teachers across the district have received release time to work on curriculum writing. Teachers are the ones in the classrooms daily working with our students. They are the ones to best determine the sequencing, pacing, and priority of skills in the curriculum.

To assist with our curriculum work, last year we established a District Instructional Team comprised of teachers and administrators, with representation across a variety of disciplines and grade levels. Team members are the instructional leaders for the district. They lead out the curriculum writing process by prioritizing standards and determining the framework for the curriculum. Additionally, the team addresses a variety of instructional topics including vertical and course alignment, adding and deleting courses and data analysis. 

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El Paso - Gridley CUSD#11 provides several opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular activities.

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EPG Titan activities are streamed online throughout the year by the EPGHS broadcast crew. Check the event schedule here.

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